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International Network Against Witchcraft Accusation and Associated Harmful Practices

The International Network Against Accusations of Witchcraft and Associated Harmful Practices was formed in 2022 to connect the different groups and initiatives working on this issue across the globe.  It seeks to raise awareness about the human rights abuses taking place as a result of beliefs in witchcraft or sorcery and encourage action by states and individuals to end them.  The International Network aims to raise support for the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Resolution on the Elimination of Harmful Practices Related to Accusations of Witchcraft and Ritual Attack (July 2021).  The members of the International Network fully support the right of freedom of religion and belief and recognise that activity related to belief in witchcraft and sorcery can be positive.  Our mission focuses solely on the harmful practices that are related to such beliefs, such as attacks, tortures and stigmatisation of those accused of witchcraft and those individuals who are ritually attacked as a result of such beliefs. We use the terms witchcraft and sorcery as general categories to include all the terms used across the world to describe the belief that a person has the power to cause harm using supernatural means.

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End Witch Hunts facilitates education on witch-hunts of the past and the present, in order to advance the elimination of witch-hunting by touching minds and influencing changes in thinking and behavior.

Our vision is a world without witch-hunts of any kind. From scapegoating to literally hunting and killing those suspected of witchcraft or sorcery, witch-hunts have no place in a world where everyone is equal and has the same level of human dignity.

Ultimately, changes in thinking and behavior are the responsibility of each individual. However, education has a critical influence that helps to initiate changes. We promote education through our podcast, social media, and traditional media. In addition to educating on the facts of the witch-hunts, we seek the deep lessons we can all learn from these events. Our goals are to enable all people everywhere to enjoy freedom from witch-hunts, to facilitate justice and memorialization for victims, and to foster research, public education, and awareness of the dangers of witch-hunting behaviors.

To achieve our goals, we partner with organizations, such as historical societies, libraries, museums, and schools, to spread the lessons we learn from researching witch-hunts and understanding the roots of witch-hunting behaviors. We also produce Thou Shalt Not Suffer: The Witch Trial Podcast, create videos, and provide online resources for learning about witch-hunts.

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